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The Story of Lex and Livia: Rebels: City of Indra

Excerpted from The Book of Indra, Chapter VII:
“The Archives: A Universe of Wonderment”

The Archives are a gift to Indrithian Society. Accessed via wrist implant, entering the Archives can be easily mastered by both child and adult. A fully immersive environment, these Archive experiences range in nature and are entered via access chips.

As for your memory Archives, they are stored on an individualized chip assigned to each Indrithian citizen by the High Council at childhood.

From replications of historical events pre–Great Catastrophe and educational training programs (“simulations”) to reduplication of your personal memories, the Archives serve to Educate, Entertain, and Enlighten.

To Access Archives:

  • Find a calm, quiet location that is free of distraction. The Archives can be accessed from any location, though many prefer to do so in the comfort of an Archive access center. Archive access centers are located throughout Upper Indra, the City of Indra, and the HCP Hub. (For a complete listing of locations, see appendix LXIV.)

  • Administer two quick, firm taps to the wrist to circulate the blood. Insert Archive access chip into left wrist slot.

  • Quickly place thumb tip to pulse point.

  • Once thumbprint has been matched, DNA activation will be


  • The length of the simulation is dependent on the Archive accessed. Memories provide the briefest duration, while historical archives can be looped to ensure the most satisfaction with your experience.

  • To end an Archive, within the memory or simulation tap your wrist twice to remove the access chip. Upon removal, you will immediately regain consciousness within the safety of your Archive access location.

    The Archives: just another example of Indra’s greatness!

    The Archives: offering a wealth of knowledge, a virtual preservation of your personal history, and hours of fun!**

The Archives: a universe of delight at your fingertip!***

* Your Archive access is monitored by the High Council via thumbprint DNA matching. Your individual Archive access is restricted at their discretion.

** If you attempt to access an Archive the Indra High Council has not made available to you, you will face immediate dismissal from the Archives. This process, also referred to as “flinging,” is both shameful and illegal. Repeat offenders will face punishment as dictated by the High Council. In extreme cases, the High Council Archive Commission may choose to give the offend- ing citizen permanent “shadow” status. Shadowed citizens are rendered voiceless and sentenced to wander the Archives for the remainder of their lives. You will know them due to their blank stares and hooded cloaks. Do not interact with them. Shadowed citizens serve as living reminders of the great gifts bestowed on the citizens of Indra, the Archives being among them, and the severe penalty for taking advantage of them.

*** Archive areas and experiences are restricted by and provided at the sole discretion of the High Council. The High Council has the power to alter, mod- ify, and adjust archival simulations. All further matters regarding Archive operations and “shadow” status are restricted by High Council command.


Excerpted from
Independent High Council Report:

Indra’s greatness makes travel beyond unnecessary. Even more, the repercussions would be enormous. Certain death would occur upon encountering the edges, if not before. Indra provides more than enough resources to serve as a self-sustaining biosphere. It is far larger than the major metropolitan hubs of former Earth and estimated to be the size of the East Coast of former America (see appendix 34A for historic maps). The great Indra was built from the barren, scorched Earth of the old world. A world so flawed in nature that it failed. Our ancestors learned from former Earth’s shortcomings and built Indra to be much stronger and more resilient than the cities of the past. The City of Indra is a centerpiece to the sophisticated modern age. The City of Indra is The City.


Excerpted from
The Population Control Forces

Academy Cadet Holo-Handbook, Chapter 45, Section 8


Immediately following completion of Final Simulation, Cadet will appear before Population Control Forces Panel for performance assessment. At that time, Cadet will receive orders of their placement within the PCF.

Immediately following placement orders, Cadet is granted twenty-four hours in which to collect belongings, clear out pod, and report for active duty.

As ordered by the Independent High Council, Cadets’ placements are permanent. Cadets have been carefully chosen, and PCF placement is nonnegotiable.

As a PCF Cadet, you have been carefully chosen and rigorously trained for one purpose: protecting our Great Indrithian Society. 

This is the greatest honor of all.


Excerpted from The Book of Indra, Chapter V:
“Indra: Society and Customs”

The Indrithian upper elite abide by a given set of unspoken laws. The young people are allowed monitored interaction in the form of Socialization Clubs and balls. At seventeen, the young women will be introduced to society through their Emergence Ball, and soon after they must choose a mate, cohabitate, and embark on the journey of being Proper Indrithian Citizens.


 Excerpted from The Book of Indra, Appendix IV: 
“Laws of Indra: The Population Control Acts”

The Law of Twins

As ordered by the Independent High Council of the City of Indra, it is hereby Law:

1. Women are prohibited from giving birth to more than one child.

2. Women are required to take the government-issued EX2 pill to prevent the conception of Twins.

3. Failure to comply in said Law will result in immediate banishment of both parental Cohabitants, as well as prompt seizure of Offspring.

4. Following seizure, the Independent High Council will determine the Twin they deem of Greater Use to Society.

5. The Twin not deemed such will be forfeited immediately to government holding for further tests.


Excerpted from The Book of Indra, Chapter VIII:
“Indra: Protecting Our Great Society”


The elite soldiers that make up the Population Control Forces are painstakingly chosen through a process veiled in secrecy. These select individuals are trained at the Population Control Forces Academy. Once graduated, they will go on to some of the most important positions Indra has to offer—some will serve as the leaders of the City of Indra, overseeing the safety of all Indrithians. Others will serve in intelligence and security roles, overseeing the Horizon Checkpoint. The most elusive and lethal members of this highly exclusive force will work in Special Oper- ations in the lowest levels, also known as Rock Bottom.


REBELS: CITY OF INDRA by Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Elizabeth Killmond-Roman with Maya Sloan, Karen Hunter Publishing 2014

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