Indra Map

Mapped Out: Indra

  1. Aero-Crown
  2. Dome
  3. Islands
  4. Rigs
  5. Independent High Council Building
  1. Middler
  2. Horizon Checkpoint Central
  3. Horizon Checkpoints
  4. Hub

City of Indra

Indra is a highly advanced city, consisting of multiple levels completely enclosed under a vast dome that protects it from the outside world. The levels of the city include the floating Islands that hover high above the ground, the Middler level on the ground and the Hub level below the surface of the Earth. Rock Bottom is the level below the Hub. Rock Bottom is not considered part of the city and is sealed off from the levels above. The City of Indra was named by its founder, Atros.

All Locations

  • Academy - The Academy, in the Hub, is the training center for the cadets of the Population Control Forces.
  • Aero-Crown - The Aero-Crown, located high above the Islands of Indra, is a storage facility and a lab. It is the heart of Indra, harvesting and distributing water and power. All water is stored in the Aero-Crown and all synth plants are created there, as well.
  • Air Filtration Plant - The air filtration plant is in the Hub and is the main control center for the air filtration system that processes the air of Indra.
  • Archive Access Centers - Archive access centers are facilities provided by the City of Indra for citizens accessing the Archives. Though the Archives can be accessed from any location, centers are designed to provide a comfortable, quiet and distraction-free location. There are centers located throughout the City of Indra. For more information, go to Excerpts in Rebels: City of Indra.
  • Archive Detention Center - The Archive Detention Center is in the High Council Building, where people on Shadow Status are kept in stasis and trapped in the Archives.
  • Ass End - Ass End is the informal name for the rebels’ last weapon depot, deep in Rock Bottom. It guards the entrance to the secret tunnel that leads to the Outlands.
  • Core Low - Core Low is the area below Rock Bottom, though the citizens of Indra do not know it actually exists. They have been taught that Rock Bottom is the lowest level. Core Low is infested with violent mutants who sometimes make their way into Rock Bottom and cause chaos. The slang term “core-low” is used in Indra as an insult, meaning the lowest of the low, garbage. The term originated from the idea that the lower you are, the closer you are to the Earth’s core. In Indra, the higher someone lives, the higher their status. Vice versa, the lower you live, the lower your status.
  • Helix Island - Helix Island is the estate of the Cosmo family. It is Livia’s home.
  • High Council Building - The High Council Building is a towering skytower in the center of the Administrative zone of the Middler level of Indra. The Independent High Council rules from the High Council Building.
  • High Security Detainment - High Security Detainment is in the High Council Building. The PCF take prisoners to High Security Detainment to be interrogated and held indefinitely.
  • Horizon Checkpoints - Horizon Checkpoints are the PCF-regulated borders between the Hub and the Middler level. Thousands of Hubbers with clearance travel through the checkpoints every day to work in the Upper levels.
  • Horizon Checkpoint Central (aka HCP Hub) - The Horizon Checkpoint Central is one of the PCF-regulated borders between the Hub and the Middler level. It is the largest and busiest of all the Horizon Checkpoints. Thousands of Hubbers with clearance travel through it every day to work in the Upper Levels.
  • Islands - The Islands float in the air high above the ground level of Indra. The Islands are the opulent estates and recreational retreats of the rich and powerful of Indra. People from the Islands are called Upper Indrithians.
  • Last Outpost - The Last Outpost is a small station run by rebels in the tunnel that leads out of Indra to the Outlands. It marks the edge of the footprint of the dome of Indra. It is a place for people traveling through the tunnel to rest after the first part of the journey. It is manned by a small crew of rebels.
  • Middler - The Middler level of Indra is the buildings on the surface. It is a well-run, clean city with high airscrapers and skytowers made of gleaming plexi-clear, with zones including Administrative, Commercial, Educational, Entertainment and Habitation. The people who live in the Middler level are Upper Indrithians, though not considered of equal high status with those of the Islands. The people who live in the Middler level are called Middlers.
  • New Indra Gardens - New Indra Gardens are the lush gardens near the top of the High Council Building, with an ancient marble fountain at the center. The New Indra Gardens are for Indrithians of the Utmost Importance.
  • Old Town - Old Town is in Rock Bottom. It is also called the Safe Zone, though it is hardly safe. With pulsing lights and blaring music, it is a chaotic and dangerous area. Hovels are stacked on top of each other and scavengers accost people with offers of stolen goods, used blasters and expired ration packets.
  • Orona Island - Orona Island is the island estate of Armand Cosmo’s parents and the site of Armand's secret lab.
  • Orphanage - The Orphanage, in the Hub, is where Lex grew up. It is a harsh and sterile environment where orphan children are housed and cared for from infancy until 12 years old. Children are under constant observation, being evaluated to determine if they will be useful to Indra. If the Orphanage caretakers determine a child is weak or undesirable in some way, the child will be kicked out of the Orphanage and dumped in Rock Bottom.
  • Outlands - The Outlands is the colony in the mountains outside Indra, established by the people who escaped the city though the tunnel.
  • Paradise Island - Paradise Island is a retreat island primarily used by Hubbers for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. It’s known for serving powerful beverages called Hub suds, which are vision-inducing and mind-altering.
  • Rebel Base - The rebel base is in Rock Bottom. Its hidden entrance is in the back of the Red Dog Saloon. It is a cavernous space where a community live and work to further the cause for freedom for the people of Rock Bottom. It is the home base for Roscoe and his rebels.
  • Red Dog Saloon - Red Dog Saloon is a rough bar in Rock Bottom. In the back is the secret entrance to the rebel base.
  • Rejuvenation Island - Rejuvenation Island is a clinic that specializes in cosmetic procedures called alterations, including skin replenishment, dimple insertions, chest alteration, skeletal adjustment and stretching treatments to increase height.
  • Rig - A rig is a mobile floating structure used by the maintenance, gardening and construction workers of Indra. The rigs are ugly, ramshackle structures pieced together from salvaged material and look as though they could fall apart at any moment. The rigs move around the sky of Indra, hovering near the islands, airscrapers and skytowers where they have been assigned to work.
  • Rock Bottom - Rock Bottom is the level below the Hub. It was where Indra originated. As Indra moved up and expanded, Rock Bottom was abandoned and left to decay. Rock Bottom is sealed off from the Hub above and the people who live there survive on the refuse dumped in Rock Bottom by the Upper Levels. There are old access routes, tunnels and ventilation shafts that have secretly been reopened by the rebels of Rock Bottom, allowing them to get into the Hub and, from there, the Upper Levels of Indra. The Independent High Council have stated in the Book of Indra that Rock Bottom is populated by mutants and is off-limits for the citizens of Indra. For more information, go to Excerpts in Time of the Twins.
  • School of Advanced Studies - The School of Advanced Studies is the educational institute for Islanders and the Upper Indrithians. It is in the Education Zone of the Middler level. Tutors and instructors dress in tan, while students dress in colors according to their area of study.
  • Socialization Club - Socialization Clubs are shiny steel buildings, located in the Islands in the Education and Socialization Cluster where young girls of Upper Indra undergo Etiquette Training, the strictly supervised instruction for Proper Indrithian citizens.
  • Sunrise Retreat Island - Sunrise Retreat Island is a recuperative medical retreat for people suffering from mental problems. Patients are under constant surveillance and undergo “emotional readjustments” and “electron regulation.”
  • The Dam - The dam is a massive structure outside the dome of Indra. A relic from before the Great Catastrophe, it has been rebuilt by the Independent High Council.
  • The Dome - The dome is the protective barrier that encloses the entire City of Indra. Indra has always existed under a dome. The dome has grown and expanded with the city. The dome protects Indra from the poisonous air of the outside world and from the irradiated zone around the city. The citizens of Indra know very little about the technology of the dome. It is maintained by the Independent High Council. For more information, go to Excerpts in Time of the Twins.
  • The Hub - The Hub is the underground industrial backbone of Indra and is referred to as Lower Indra. There are factories of all kinds, as well as sanitation facilities and housing for the workforce of Indra. People in the Hub live in highly regulated hab units and cramped barracks. Many people live in the Hub and travel up to the Middler level to work. People from the Hub are called Hubbers and are of a much lower social status than Middlers or Islanders.
  • The Tunnel - The tunnel is a long and dangerous underground passage that leads out of Indra, beyond the dome to the Outlands.
  • Viridans Island - Viridans Island is the island estate of Kane’s family. It was Kane’s home when he was a boy. He has not lived on Viridans Island since he was 12 and left for the Academy.
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