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The Story of Lex and Livia: Time of Twins

Excerpted from The Book of Indra, Chapter I:
“Indra: The Origin of Our Great City”


 Centuries ago, in order for what was left of humanity to survive the Great Catastrophe, innovative and ingenious men dug deep under the surface of the Earth and created a world protected from all that was destroyed above. For generation upon generation, our ancestors lived buried beneath the Earth, able to sustain themselves, but they did not thrive. Again, humanity was in jeopardy. With unflinching courage, brave and persistent men reclaimed the surface. They built the first dome and forged the City of Indra. Today, under the guidance of the Independent High Council, our great city is more spectacular than those founders could have imagined. That was the beginning of Indra as we, her proud citizens, know it today.

The birthplace of Indra, now known as Rock Bottom, has since disintegrated. Infested with mutants, Rock Bottom is a testament to what could have become of humanity if our vigilant founders had not forged a new life for us.


Excerpted from The Book of Indra, Chapter VIII:
“Indra: Protecting Our Great Society”


Indra is a perfectly coordinated and finely balanced system. There are those who wish to threaten the stability of the great City of Indra. The disruption of the harmonious operation of the City of Indra cannot to be tolerated. Any group or individual who cause a disruption in the functioning of the city, either by word or action, is considered a rebel and is an enemy of Indra. The lives of those engaged in rebel activities are subject to immediate forfeit as outlined by the Independent High Council Decree

VII, The Rebel Penalty.

Most rebel activity can be traced to Rock Bottom. The Special Operations Unit of the Population Control Forces are tasked with patrolling Rock Bottom to eliminate all rebel activity and  prevent mutants from coming up into Indra. Citizens of Indra are prohibited from attempting to access Rock Bottom. Any citizen of Indra found in Rock Bottom will be considered a rebel and subject to The Rebel Penalty.

Any citizen who has knowledge of rebel activity must report it to the Population Control Forces. A citizen who does not report rebel activity will be considered a rebel collaborator and subject to The Rebel Penalty.

All citizens’ memories are fed directly into the Archives via the Archive access chip. These memories are Indra’s primary surveillance system and are under constant review. This is for the safety of Indra and all of its citizens.


 Excerpted from The Book of Indra, Chapter VI:
“Indra: The Dome Is Life”


The dome is for the protection of all of Indra. The irradiated world outside the dome of Indra is uninhabitable. The Independent High Council constantly monitors the world outside in the hope that one day it may be possible to live outside the dome. A time in the distant future, when the toxic air has cleared. A time when the unstable atmosphere, with its extremes in temperature, of boiling hot to below freezing in a day, has calmed and regulated. Until the day the world outside is once again suitable for habitation, the Independent High Council considers the protection and preservation of the dome one of its primary responsibilities.


Under no circumstances and for no reason should any citizen attempt to travel outside the dome of Indra. Any attempt to breach the dome is a crime against Indra. Any unauthorized person attempting to breach the dome will be immediately detained, will lose all rights of citizenship, and will be put on indefinite Shadow Status.
Any actions that cause damage to the dome, regardless of intent, are a crime against Indra. Any person who damages the dome will be immediately detained, will lose all rights of citizenship, and will be put on indefinite Shadow Status. Shadowed citizens are rendered voiceless and sentenced to wander the Archives for the remainder of their lives.


There are four egress gates in the dome that are strictly controlled by the Population Control Forces. No unauthorized citizen should attempt to access these gates. The Population Control Forces are able to exit the dome through these gates only under strict conditions in order to inspect the perimeter of the dome and ensure its integrity. It is every citizen’s obligation to protect the dome, for the dome protects every citizen.


Excerpted from The Book of Indra, Chapter III:
“Indra: The Founders of Our Great City”


A thousand years ago, at the birth of our great city, the twenty Founding Families were selected to guide the development of Indra. They took on the great responsibility of creating a city more perfect than had ever existed before. The Founding Families were selected with great care for their expertise in every area that would ensure that Indra would flourish and prosper. Only the most intelligent and creative innovators, scientists, and industrialists were selected to serve as Indra’s creators and protectors. The Founding Families established the Independent High Council as the chief leadership authority of Indra. Under the wise guidance of the Independent High Council and their descendants, Indra has grown and thrived. The Council has created and sustained the perfectly balanced, integrated City of Indra. The descendants of the direct bloodline of the Founding Families are by right and by blood members of the High Council with all the obligations that demands. It is the duty of those on the Independent High Council to support and foster Indra so it will continue to prosper. Just as each citizen of Indra has his or her job that supports Indra, the Independent High Council and the Founding Families continue to do their job of guiding Indra, which benefits all of its citizens.


We the Citizens of Indra,
Revere the Founders,
Protect the dome, and
Respect the Independent High Council.
We praise the Founders for creating the great City of Indra.

We praise the dome for protecting us from the deadly world outside.
We praise the Independent High Council for their guidance and wisdom.
We praise Indra.


When all were trapped below in darkness
The twins broke through to the light
The life of one brother was sacrificed
Indra was forged in his blood
But all were not free
Indra would crush the bones below it
The Time of the Twins will come again
With these twins there will be no rivalry
When the twin saviors come of age
They will bring freedom to Indra and all its people
On their backs the bottom shall rise up
And Indra shall fall
They will lead all to live in the light


Before when the air was clean
Before when the Earth was green
Man lived under the sun
and moved free across the land
But mankind was hungry
He devoured all that was good
The mother of all living things showed her wrath
Many died and the air became poison
The mother banished mankind
He crawled under the shell
and hid from her fury

TIME OF THE TWINS by Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Elizabeth Killmond-Roman and Katherine Killmond, Regan Arts. 2016

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