Lieutenant Hauser (aka Commander Hauser)

Lieutenant Hauser is a decorated officer of the PCF. He is tall, handsome man in his 30s, with a sharp haircut and pristine uniform bearing his many medals. He comes to speak at the Academy and Lex finds him very impressive.

Life Guide

Life Guide is Livia’s personal teacher and comes to Helix Island daily for instruction. He is a Middler in his early 30s. He is a competent teacher but refuses to instruct Livia on the subject of genetics. Though she excels at every other subject, especially mathematics, solving proofs and deciphering evolutionary patterns before he even taught her how, he says genetics are too advanced for her.


Livia is a 17-year-old orphan Airess, daughter of the famous geneticist Armand Cosmo and his cohabitant Delphia Cosmo. She was raised on Helix Island by Governess and her guardians, the cohabitants Waslo and Marius. She was taught by Life Guide and studied swordsmanship with Master. At a young age, she realized she could sense the emotions of those around her. At 7, she began Etiquette Training, where she was savagely singled out by the instructor, Etiquette Tutor, who took an instant dislike to her. The other girls in Etiquette Training treated Livia with disdain. She is graceful, empathetic and very smart. Her favorite pastime is riding her horse, Veda, the only living horse in Indra. Livia is very tall and thin. She has thick dark hair and brown eyes. She has a tiny, green squiggle imprinted in her right iris.


Luther is a rebel from Rock Bottom and part of Roscoe’s team that helps Lex and Livia rescue Kane from High Security Detainment. He is rough and unshaven, like most of the rebels. Lex saves his life when they are escaping from the PCF.

Margarite Fredrickus

Margarite Fredrickus is one of the girls in Livia’s Socialization Club.


Marius is Livia’s guardian and Waslo’s cohabitant. She is lovely and delicate in appearance and manner, though reserved. She is 5’2” which is short by the standards of Indrithian Upper Society. Marius is in her 50s, though she has no significant signs of aging, as there are advanced beauty regimens and enhancements available to Upper Indrithians. She has auburn hair, which she wears up, and kind blue eyes. In her role as guardian, Marius spent long days with Livia and escorted her to Etiquette Training at the Socialization Club.


Markus is an Outlander and one of Travis’ men stationed near the reservoir. He is a rugged-looking man in his early 20s, with dark skin and a scruffy beard.


Marley is a rebel in Rock Bottom. He helps Lex, Livia and the group that rescued Kane from High Security Detainment navigate through the Old Town Safe Zone of Rock Bottom. He is short, with a scruffy beard, and his head is bursting with knotted clumps of hair.


Martine is a tunnel runner from Rock Bottom who is at the Last Outpost. She is in her early 20s, tall and attractive in a strong, no-nonsense way. Her tunnel-running partner is her boyfriend, Berk. Time of the Twins SPOILER! Martine is Zavier’s ex-girlfriend.


Master is Livia’s zinger instructor. He oversees her swordsmanship once a week and is fond of giving mysterious advice and posing bizarre riddles. He is tall and usually dresses in white.


Matson is one of Roscoe’s rebels from Rock Bottom. He is fit and in his early 20s. He has dark skin and black hair, and is clean-shaven.


Mica is the most popular of the girls in Livia’s Socialization Club and the leader of her fawning group of followers. She is a lovely and graceful Islander, the same age as Livia. The girls of Mica’s clique agree she is the prettiest of them all. At the beginning of Etiquette Training, Mica includes Livia in her group but turns on her after Livia excels at the spinning platform and Mica falls immediately. From then on, Livia is banished from Mica’s group. Mica leads the other girls to shun Livia as an orphan and constantly berate her.


Murray is a tunnel runner from Rock Bottom who is at the Last Outpost. He is a huge man in his early 30s with his long, unkempt hair hangs in tangles and more long hair covering his face and upper body. He defends his appearance by saying he prefers the natural, low-maintenance approach. His tunnel-running partner is his boyfriend Ike.


Nadine is one of the girls in Livia’s Socialization Club. She is scolded by Etiquette Tutor on the first day for not standing tall. Etiquette Tutor calls her “unattractive and repugnant.”


Noreen is an Outlander from Rock Bottom. She is involved in planning and logistics in the Outlands. She is a small, frazzled woman in her 40s, with short red hair. She has a nervous and rushed manner.


Otto is an Outlander from the Hub. He is a short man in his 40s with dark skin. Otto is Vippy’s father.


Parker is one of Roscoe’s rebels from Rock Bottom. He is fit, in his early 20s, pale and clean-shaven, with light brown hair.


Patricia is an Outlander from Rock Bottom. She is very mechanical and works with Jules on various projects. She is a tall, imposing woman in her mid-20s, who is often grimy from rebuilding speeders.


Phillips is a rebel in Rock Bottom, and a friend of Roscoe and Zavier.

Pod Captain

Pod Captain is the PCF Academy staff officer responsible for disciplining Lex. She is a haggard and drained-looking woman with dry and brittle blond hair that sticks out from beneath her uniform cap. On Lex’s first day at the Academy, Pod Captain disciplines her for hitting Cassina. Over the years, Lex makes frequent visits to the Pod Captain's office to be reprimanded for aggressive behavior.

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