Quinn is an Outlander from Rock Bottom and Del’s trusted right-hand man. He is in his early 20s and has light brown hair.



Recruiter is a straight-faced Hubber who visits the Orphanage to inspect and evaluate children for future work assignments. He wears a blue work uniform with a high collar and his brown boots are shined to perfection. Lex remembers him dismissing her as an infant. When Lex is twelve, it is the recruiter who collects Lex from the Orphanage to deliver her to the Academy. He seems to be extremely proud of himself that Lex is chosen for the PCF, as if it is his accomplishment and not hers.


Robertson is a rebel from Rock Bottom and part of Roscoe’s team that helps Lex and Livia rescue Kane from High Security Detainment. He is rough and unshaven, like most of the rebels. Rebels: City of Indra SPOILER! Robertson is killed by the PCF as they try to escape.


Roscoe is the leader of the rebels from Rock Bottom that help Lex and Livia rescue Kane from High Security Detainment. He is Island-born and a lifelong friend of Armand and knew Delphia. Roscoe is tall and lean. He is in his 50s, with wrinkles at the corners of his warm eyes. There is both strength and kindness in him. Though he is tough, there is not a hint of aggression in his demeanor. At his core, he is a Proper Indrithian Gentleman, which shows in how he carries himself, the way he stands and his gestures.


Roya is a rebel from Rock Bottom and part of the small crew at the Last Outpost. She works as the cook and Chief Benton’s self-appointed second-in-command. She is a stout woman in her 50s, with short hair that has gone white with age. She is loud, bossy and keeps everyone in line, although she has a soft side that is warm and welcoming.


Samantha is an orphan who befriends Lex in the Orphanage in the Hub. She is a few years older than Lex and has a huge, warm smile and a kind and generous nature. She acts as Lex’s protector at the Orphanage. Rebels: City of Indra SPOILER! Samantha is from Rock Bottom and is Zavier’s half-sister. She is killed by a mutant in Rock Bottom but saves Livia’s life with her heroic actions.


Sid is one of the rebels guarding Ass End, the rebels’ weapons station. He is a huge man, heavily armed, with multiple blasters strapped all over his body, and wears mismatched pieces of silitex armor. He is an expert in weapons repair and design.


Sivette is an old woman on the Independent High Council and Edward’s cohabitant. Her manner is commanding and there is a royal air about her. She is in her 80s but she has undergone many rejuvenation procedures, the resulting effects are severe and very unnatural. She is dressed in a bright green gown with a dark purple design on it that matches the design and colors of Edward’s garments. Time of the Twins SPOILER! She is Delphia’s mother and the grandmother of Lex and Livia.

Special Operative Langhorn (aka SpecOp Langhorn)

Special Operative Langhorn is the PCF officer who trains Lex when she is an apprentice in Rock Bottom Patrol. He is intense and believes in following the rules. He is impressed by Lex but reprimands her for speaking out of turn while observing a SpecOps mission.


Teddie is Jo’s daughter. She is a slight girl of about 12, with dark skin and black hair. She lives on the construction rig with her mother.

Tirithia Lysander

Tirithia Lysander is one of the girls in Livia’s Socialization Club.


Travis is an Outlander in charge of the small group of men stationed near the reservoir. He is a tall man in his early 30s, with dark red hair and a beard flecked with gray.


Veda is Livia’s horse, an ivory mare. She is the only living horse that has existed for centuries. Livia’s father, Armand, bred Veda in his lab. While the black colts died, Veda survived. Armand gave Veda as a gift to Delphia, who loved her and rode her every day, just as Livia does.

Vincent (aka Council Vincent)

Vincent is an old man on the Independent High Council. He is in his 70s or 80s, but like all the members of the High Council, he has had many rejuvenation procedures and his age is hard to determine. He is dressed in a rich crimson suit, with intricate white embroidery on the collar and one sleeve.

Vippy (aka Vip, Vipsinia)

Vippy is a cadet at the Academy with Lex and Kane. She is a Hubber who admires Lex and is friendly toward her. She is tiny and has dark skin, with short, straight, black hair and wide brown eyes. She is a fierce cadet but can be warm with a bright smile. Rebels: City of Indra SPOILER! Vippy reveals she is a rebel when she helps Lex and Livia rescue Kane from High Security Detainment.


Virgil is a rebel from Rock Bottom, part of the small crew at the Last Outpost and in charge of comms. He is a skinny man in his 50s, with short gray hair.


Waslo is Livia’s guardian and Marius’s cohabitant. He was Armand Cosmo’s protégé. Waslo is tall, with white-blond hair slicked back from his hard, angular face. He is a very severe man in his 50s, though he has no significant signs, as there are advanced beauty regimens and enhancements available to Upper Indrithians. He always wears a gray suit.


Zavier is a rebel from Rock Bottom and is part of Roscoe’s team that helps Lex and Livia rescue Kane from High Security Detainment. Zavier is in his early 20s and has shaggy brown hair. He has bright-blue eyes and is usually unshaven. He is 6'2" and well-muscled on a rugged frame. He was a tunnel runner before becoming Roscoe’s right-hand man. He is cocky, aggressive and generally grouchy. He can be tender, particularly when talking about his sister, Samantha.

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